The Cats Who Started It All

The Kauai Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, (Kauai SPCA) was formed in early 2017.

We had barely just received our 501c3 status when we got an urgent call to help with a terrible animal hoarding case on the North Shore. Their “person” had passed away, leaving 50+ cats living in individual dog crates stacked floor to ceiling in a muggy garage. The only local shelter on Kauai was high-kill and overflowing. These cats didn’t stand a chance. So while we were really ready “on paper” only, we had no choice but to dive into action.

We had zero funding and no place to put them — but we pulled together and figured it out. It was stressful, dirty, heartbreaking, emotional and an immense challenge. We found space. We built catteries. We found wonderful community members to foster. All the cats were given medical exams and almost all of them needed some form of health care. Dentals, full-mouth tooth removal, upper respiratory infections, bladder infections, ear infections, spays, neuters...some even had their claws embedded into their toes.

There was dear Bob who had a diaphragmatic hernia. Emergency surgery saved him, but due to complications, he needed a second emergency surgery. He is happily in his furever home. Beyoncé had bladder stones removed, but one escaped into her abdomen and required extensive exploratory surgery to find it and remove it. She lives in Sacramento now. Ichi May was the first to be adopted, but we knew it was going to be Fospice Care. She had an aggressive squamous cell carcinoma. She was an older girl, very sassy. She gave us 4 wonderfully sweet months before crossing over the Rainbow Bridge.

One year (and a lot of mai tais) later we are happy to report that all but two of these cats have found homes with wonderful humans. However, we are still looking for forever homes for Roger Headbutts and Gracie Braveheart, both in foster here on the island and both anxiously awaiting their forever homes.

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