Meet Kama’aina

Poor Comet was languishing in another shelter when we pulled him. We nursed this super skinny Pharaoh Hound mix back to health and were fortunate enough to get him to the mainland (where dogs have so MANY more opportunities to find forever homes) to Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue in Minneapolis. When it turned out Comet needed jaw surgery, they made it happen. It didn’t take long for someone to take a shine to this elegant gentleman. And as you can see from the photos, he’s pretty much landed in a pot of jam with his new foster family who have rechristened him Kama’aina!

Meet Bubby

Poor Bubby was abandoned by his people in Ha’ena when the terrible flooding hit this past April. Thankfully a Good Samaritan grabbed him and got him out of there by boat (the only means of travel due to landslides). Bubby had never been on the water before and it was pretty scary for him. By the time he arrived at his excellent foster mom’s he was so traumatized he didn’t even want to go into the house, so she sat w/him outside on the grass under a tree. For hours. Within a few days she’d gotten Bubby to totally come around. He was a completely at ease in his foster digs, enjoying snuggles, cuddles and, his very fave: belly rubs!! Some fine folks visiting from the East Coast met the Bub and fell for him. This handsome hunk of love flew the friendly skies and now lives in beautiful upstate New York where he has 3 acres of land to roam with his new brothers and sister — all of whom he adores. He’s also pretty besotted with his awesome new humans, who treat him like royalty. Yay Bubby!!

Meet Tallulah

Talulah was a very sad neglect case who came in with a number of health issues — chronic dry eye that had never been treated and which had done a lot of damage to her eyes, and a mouth full of bad teeth that needed extensive dental work. Despite her sorry physical condition she was absolutely the sweetest girl ever. Got along w/other dogs, cats, kids....just wanted to find that person to snuggle with and call her own. We got her all fixed up and before long Talulah found that special someone. And as you can see, it’s very much of a mutual love affair!