Kauai Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
was formed in early 2017.

We had barely just received our 501c3 status when we got an urgent call to help with a terrible animal hoarding case in Kapa’a. Their “person” had passed away, leaving 50+ cats living in individual dog crates stacked floor to ceiling in a muggy garage. So while we were really ready only “on-paper”, we had no choice but to dive into action.

Cat by Marco Hernandez from the Noun Project
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Just as we were catching our breath from that Herculean effort, WHAMMO: an epic flood engulfed the North Shore of Kauai in April 2018. A series of 15 landslides fell across the highway completely cutting off the areas of Hāʻena and Wainiha from civilization. The Kauai SPCA organized and delivered food & medical supplies for the animals (which included horses, dogs, cats, goats, pigs, pet birds) … by boat; the only way in or out. We also took on Bubby— a beautiful, loving mixed breed dog abandoned by his owners when it started flooding.

Flood by Luis Prado from the Noun Project
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Latest News
Our Goals

Latest News

The Kauai SPCA is continuing to support Ha’ena with vet visits and donations of lepto vaccines and food. Your financial support makes this possible!

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For our next event, we are excited to announce
our September Domestic & Feral Cat Spay/Neuter-Palooza.

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Follow us and watch out for our grand opening announcement!

At Kauai SPCA, our goals are to

Engage Kauai

pet owners and pet enthusiasts

Work Collaboratively

with existing island rescues

Provide Resources

like affordable spay and neuter for cats and dogs

Reduce Feral Cats

by working with existing successful trap, neuter and return programs

Nuture Adoptables

with training and socialization

Ease Rescues

by partnering with mainland shelters to adopt out dogs, kittens, and cats